Brown Family Homestead

Charming Homestead Rental & Country Wedding Venue

Information for Guests Attending a Wedding at the Brown Family Homestead

                Greetings from the Mountains!

We at the homestead are pleased you will be attending a wedding here soon! Here are directions to help you find your way. Please remember to allow at least 2.5 hours driving time from Seattle and 30 minutes from Leavenworth. Also, be wary of completely trusting your phone navigate. (We seem to have a Bermuda Triangle thing going on up here.) We’re easy to find the old fashioned way… just bring these directions with you!

Speaking of old fashioned, we are located in a friendly, humble neighborhood, the sort of place where the dogs and children play in the street and you never know when two cars may be stopped, driver window to driver window, having a little chat. Please, please obey the 25 mph speed limit once you turn on Brown Road. Your car may be chased by some hound dogs. They mean no harm. Just ignore them. Also, there are sometimes mules and/or horses getting loose. Enough said. Thank you in advance.

A few words on outdoor, country weddings…. We are at 2000ft elevation and the weather changes without warning. Even in August, don’t come up here without a warm jacket, and comfortable shoes(with socks) stashed in the car. This doesn’t mean no party clothes. It just means you bring the practical stuff too, and hope to leave it in your car.  You might be really glad you did.

**PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow pets of any kind at the Brown Family Homestead--not even leashed, well behaved ones. We love dogs, and we're sure we'd love your dogs...but not as much as we love our flower beds. Thank you for respecting our property by leaving your furry friends at home. 


Take Wa State Hwy #2, either East over Steven’s Pass (from Seattle), or West (from Leavenworth), to a small business intersection called Coles Corner. (59 Diner Restaurant, a Shell station, and The Squirrel Tree Restaurant). This is the turn off to the Lake Wenatchee/Fish Lake recreation area. Please understand we are between Leavenworth and Steven’s Pass. We are not in Leavenworth even though that is our mailing address.

At the Coles Corner intersection, turn North on Hwy #207 towards Lake Wenatchee. You will be following the yellow line for 7.5 miles. (About 4 miles in, you cross a green bridge and then come to a Y in the road. Stay left at the Y, which is how the yellow line takes you.)

At 7.5 miles in, Turn Right on Brown Road. (This is where you need to slow down!!! Thanks!!!!) Brown Road will dead end in less than a half mile. Just before the dead end, you will see a large log arbor gate leading you into the lower pasture. Turn Right into the pasture and park on the grass. There is a walking path that starts at the very back of the pasture and takes you up to the big white tents.

 Handicap or dropping something at the main house? Please continue past the log gate another block to where Brown Road ends in a culdesac. Make a 90º Right turn and come straight down the gravel drive. (After you have finished unloading, please move your car back to pasture parking.)

 Would you like a map? Look under the “Contact Us” section on the left, where you will find a Google map.


See you soon! Karen Dickinson  (509) 679-4785 Hannah Roberts (509) 679-8948