Brown Family Homestead

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Frequently Asked Questions for Couples Interested in the Brown Family Homestead

Am I required to book the BFH accommodations?

  • No! Most often, Saturday weddings will choose to book the accommodations (often arriving on site Thursday or Friday) but many Sunday and midweek weddings choose not to book them. The choice is yours! Please send us the days, and the number of guests you’re thinking about having stay, and we’re happy to send you an exact quote.

Can I have my rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at the BFH the day before my wedding?

  • Assuming you have booked the accommodations for the day before your wedding, you are more than welcome to have your rehearsal there, at no extra cost. Many Saturday weddings choose this route (we have tons of lawn space). Sunday weddings unfortunately do not have this option, as we do always have a Saturday wedding.

Am I responsible for set up and take down of my wedding?

  • Yes. In broad strokes, if you brought it with you, when you leave at the conclusion of your stay, it needs to either be back in your car, in your stomach, or in the garbage. Another way to think about it is that the Homestead is responsible for "our stuff"---table/chair set up and wipe down, garbage removal, bathroom cleaning, etc. You are responsible for "your stuff"---decoration set up/tear down, music, food set up, etc. The Homestead, in keeping our costs down, does not staff to clean up after you. Decorations, music equipment, food scraps and supplies, etc., need to be torn down, and either back in your car, or in our trash/recycling/compost bins. The staff will take care of moving garbage.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

  • Yes! In fact, if you wish to have alcohol, you will need to bring it yourself. We are not licensed to sell it. We do, however, require that you use a Homestead recommended bartender. We have learned the hard way over the last few years that it is really best to have an experienced (not to mentioned licensed) Homestead bartender on hand to keep your bar running smoothly.

Can I have hard alcohol?

  • Our policy is this: If you wish to have a signature cocktail or two, during cocktail hour, that's great. We do not, however, allow an open bar all night. This allows you the fun of garnishes and straws, but also allows your guests to enjoy your party, without finding themselves woken up by the sprinklers the next morning because they’ve passed out on our lawn. If you wish to serve hard alcohol, we recommend a signature cocktail hour, followed by beer and wine.

Can I bring my dogs?

  • First off, we love dogs. But we do not allow them on the property--that means not even left in the car during the party (in fact, that’s a really big NO NO, as it gets warm in the summer). However, the exception to this rule is the bride and groom’s pups. If the couple chooses to bring a dog, it must be leashed at all times when they are on the grounds, and crated if it is to be left unattended in the house. There is a $300 pet deposit.  This covers things like our flower beds, our carpets…our chickens, and any land minds left behind for our staff to find, etc. Again, please be advised, this invitation is NOT extended to anyone else’s pets.

Can we have a fire?

  • If there is no burn ban in place, the Homestead crew is happy to start, maintain, and extinguish a fire for you. If there is a ban, we respect it. (There is almost always a burn ban from early June through late September.)

Are there any regulations on what we may use to decorate with?

  • Just a few. We often have couples wanting to do a send off at the end of the night with rice, lavender, seeds, etc. All good! Huge handfuls of gold glitter? Absolutely not. When you think through your decorating decisions, remember that we share this space with animals, and we’d like to keep them alive. Also, please remember, whatever you put out needs to disappear before the next group. For example, if you toss rose petals down the aisle, don't forget to rake them up afterwards.

Is the “End Time” set in stone? What if we just turn our music down?

  • The 10:00pm  music shut off time (9:00pm on Sundays/weekdays) is non-negotiable. Not only is it a courtesy to our neighborhood, which is full of families, but it is a law in Chelan County. However, if you have rented the accommodations, there is the opportunity for a small after party in the house. As long as no one can hear you off the property, you’re welcome to party all night long.

I see that tables and chairs are included in the cost of the venue. How many of each can we expect to have at our disposal on the big day? 

  • The Homestead provides 20 8'x3' handmade wooden tables, as well as an assortment of up to 170 antique dining chairs. The Homestead also has an assortment of smaller tables, ranging from 3'x3 to 3'x8' that can be used for desserts, gift tables, photo booths, etc. Any tables or chairs that you group does not use are stacked away out of sight.       

Will we have enough time to set things up for our Sunday wedding?

  • Yes! It is 100% doable. It works like this: at 12:00, you and your crew are welcome onto the BFH property, to begin unloading, and setting up. It is also at this time that your onsite coordinator (usually Hannah or Karen) will whisk away the wedding party for 15 minutes to run the rehearsal walk through. Earlier in the week, we’ve had a phone meeting with the bride and groom to plan out the rehearsal, so when the day comes, we can run the whole thing comfortably and quickly. Your crew will be allowed in the accommodations, if you’ve rented them, by 1:00pm at the latest, and then you are  well on your way to a 4:00pm (or 4:30, or 5:00, your choice) ceremony. We promise, it works. And we’re here to help it all happen smoothly.

I have a million other questions! What’s the best way to contact the BFH?

  • For casual wedding chat, phone/text/email are all options. However, for more important information, such as tour dates, exact quotes, etc., PLEASE EMAIL us. It is easier for both parties if there is a written record of our conversations.

Email:, (509) 679-4785, or (509) 679-8948