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The 5 Reasons You Want a Sunday Wedding

  1. It’s cheaper. Lots cheaper. From the venue to every other vendor, you can usually get Sunday discounts. (And every dollar you save goes directly to your honeymoon fund!)
  2. Speaking of vendors, you can have your pick on Sundays. All the best caterers, florist, photographers, DJs, etc book waaaay in advance. Unless you’re working at least a year out, you probably won’t get your “A” team on a summer Saturday. But ask for a Sunday and you’ll get smiles, discounts, and open calendars. No stress is a good thing in wedding planning.
  3. It’s more romantic. Let the main event be what it has been for thousands of years, truly a spiritual ritual, not a frat party. Think of the centuries of tradition behind the ceremony you are about to experience. Do you really want your guests staying up until 2:00 getting hammered?
  4. You get to have your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner party on a Saturday. This is your “in crowd”, the people you really wanted to hang with, and now you have more quality time with them. If you want to do a group event prior to the rehearsal dinner (float the river? pick/arrange flowers? hike/picnic?) you have a relaxed Saturday to make that happen.
  5. Having a Sunday wedding does not mean it’s a small one afternoon/evening event (unless you want it to be, of course.)  Ask us about our sample Sunday Wedding Timelines!